Catering Done Wisely

-Catering to the mind, body and soul-

My name is Shanay Wise the owner and head cook for Catering Done Wisely. I have been cooking since I could stand up in a chair and stir with a spoon. I grew up as a military child and was exposed to several different cultures.This experience intrigued my interest in all different kinds of foods. I was raised partially  in the country by an extended family that loved to grill, smoke foods and bake some of the best dessert you would ever taste. This influenced my cooking and desire to prepare and serve delicious foods. I have several talents but cooking is my calling.

Here I am in the community garden located in south Dallas!

Catering Done Wisely actively work in the community to make a difference. We team up regularly with local 501-c3 to promote healthy meals. We organize and participate in the community gardens and food programs.